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  • Don Berman

    I could not be more pleased with my experience with 5 Pixels Studio and their staff during the transition period and upgrading of our website.  Victor's expertise, creativity and willingness to help and make suggestions was especially valuable during the transition and is continually ongoing. If you are looking for the best at reasonable and, I might add, fair pricing, you cannot go wrong selecting 5 Pixels Studio.  If you care to, please feel free to contact me if you have further concerns; and by all means, check out our website.

  • Tony Golden

    I wanted to take the time to apprise you of how happy CK Media, Inc has been with the work done by 5 Pixels Studio.They have been outstanding to work with and has done an excellent job in designing a new launch initiative - We had some serious "responsibility" issues with the initial design contractor, however they have always made our initiative a top priority: always meeting or exceeding our expectations. It has truly been a pleasure working with 5 Pixels and I will continue to refer more business to your organization. Thank you and feel free to contact me for any additional information.

  • Kathryn E Kelly

    5 Pixels Studio have been terrific to work with. Response time to any requestor question is exceptionally good. I would recommend them highly.

  • Rich Aure

    5 Pixels Studio have designed two web sites for one of my clients, TC Communications, over the past couple years and I have been quite pleased with the results.  They listened patiently to my input and focused on meeting my specific objectives along with a couple special requests from my client.  In addition to creating professional looking web sites, they diligently met all deadlines and stayed within the proposed budgets.

  • Dave Zybert

    Victor and his staff at 5 Pixels have consistently demonstrated their experience for many years.  They possess the rare quality combination of technical skills, beautiful graphic design and diligent and friendly customer service that we value most.  I recommend them most highly.

  • Russ Muratov

    I have been working with 5 Pixels Studio for a number of years. All this time I have been very satisfied with the services provided. I liked the flexibility in communication and discussion of the issues I had with my website. I also appreciated the quick response time (every time I had questions). One thing that I'd like to point out is the creativity of this company. During the design process, I was very happy with just about everything presented to me by their designers. I felt they  understood everything I had in mind, whatever I wanted to see in graphics was there and it was the same or in most cases even better than what I had in mind. I would recommend this company to anyone and, as a metter of fact, I actually did refer some of my friends  that needed web services. Thank you 5pixels for doing a great job!

  • Leslieann Hayden

    Working with 5 Pixels Studio has been an extremely positive experience.
    The end result has exceeded our expectations on every level.

  • Kay Kohlman

    Victor and his staff are adept at meeting the needs and preferences of their clients.  Victor sincerely wants to share his expertise with you rather than just trying to impress you with it.  He not only builds the website, but he also offers useful advice on content and eye-opening tips on the stylistic differences between print and electronic documents.

  • Jesse Gutierrez

    We employed Victor and his company to undertake the website development and maintenance of our website. They have done and exemplary job and have been extremely professional, reasonable in costs and ready to help us out with any request that they can do. They have gone above and beyond at times to make sure that our information is accurately posted and within the time requested.

    It is without reservations that we recommend Victor and his company to anyone wishing to employ their services.

  • Ron Smith

    I had an excellent, professional experience with 5 Pixels Studio. Recommended to me by Great Basin Internet Services, 5 Pixels Studio designed a website to promote voice work to agencies and production houses. They listened carefully to my needs, communicated clearly how they would proceed with the project and ultimately produced a very clean, attractive and easy-to-navigate website. They came in ahead of timetable and on budget. I highly recommend their services.

  • Jamie Paparich

    On behalf of the Nevada Motor Transport Association, I would like to thank you for the excellent job you did creating our website.  Not only were you helpful in providing ideas for the site, you were constantly in contact with me in regards to how the site was progressing.You spent countless hours working on creating our website from scratch.  We came to you basically with no knowledge of how to create a website or what we wanted.  You walked us through the entire process and created an easy to navigate, informative, wonderful website.We have received many compliments from our members on how helpful the site is to them.  I cannot thank you enough for creating such a wonderful website and for your immediate response not only to all my questions, but in adding information on to the site.I would recommend you to anyone looking to create a website not only because of your excellent work, but also because of your reasonable pricing.Thank you  for creating a website our Association is proud of.

  • Gary Wood

    As a developer of high-profile Internet software, Pixami has worked with many web developers, large and small, over several years. Victor and his team at 5pixels were a pleasant surprise, far exceeding our expectations for the design, and delivery time, for our new site. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, or use them again the next time around!

  • Joseph Juarez

    5 Pixels Studio really came through for our business. Not only did they do great work, but they also answered all my questions and were extremely helpful and prompt. Completion of our website was done exactly in the time frame promised, thank you soo much.

  • Deanna Johnson

    Working with Victor and 5pixels has been a wonderful experience for me.  The development of my web site has exceeded my expectations with their exceptional work at a reasonable cost.  Victor is both professional and personable and a joy to work with.  Victor effectively answered any questions that I had as well as explained the whole program/system set up to me as well. I highly recommend 5pixels for web development for the high end corporate company or the little guy like me.

  • Randy D. Walton

    5 Pixels Studio have been wonderful designing my company website. They are gifted artistic web designers. I highly urge others to give this company the opportunity help you.

  • Mark Ryan

    Working with 5 Pixels Studio on our new web site was great. Their communication through the whole process was outstanding. They had great ideas on how to develop our site and the information that should be included. We are very pleased with their  response time and professionalism throughout the project.

  • Mike Jensen

    I interviewed many website developers and I chose 5pixels because they had great ideas for my website and were professional and curious.  It was a great choice! Victor and his staff were, as anticipated very professional and patient throughout the development process.  Victor was very helpful in to guiding  me through some of the development decisions that needed to be made.   We had good positive discussions when ideas were discussed prior to implementation.  In the end, I feel we have a great site that will be flexible for my future business growth.

  • Sachin Vyas

    Working with you has been a great experience. I've been working with other companies on different projects and the only company to give me great customer service and personal attention to this extent has been 5pixels. I just wanted to let you know that is the main thing that we all continually praise the most when discussing you. Thanks so much. The personal attention and service you give just doesn't happen much these days. Thank you for always making us a top priority!

  • Gil Ferreira

    I want to thank you for the great job that you did with the Adam's Gloves, LLC web site. Before I decided to use 5 Pixels, I talked to other developers and checked with several of your customers; they all had good things to say about you and now I can attest they were all correct in their comments.

    As a start up company, we came to you with some ideas and a tight budget; you were able to translate these ideas within a tight time-line into a great site that we could afford. In the process, I found you to be very professional, responsive, enjoyable and easy to work with.

  • Ryan Elliott

    I have been working with 5 Pixels Studio since 2001.
    They always do a great job, very prompt, and professional.
    I don't recommend many companies, but 5 Pixels Studio is one
    I would recommend for all your web site needs.

  • John Lanum

    You have been great to work with, and knew the information that I needed in order to set my website up the best way possible for my  business.  The site looks great and has increased email responses.  Prior to the work  being done,  I received about 20% of my email responses from my website.  Since the changes,  the percentage of responses directly from my site has increased to 40%.  I also now have such pride and confidence in sending potential customers to my site.  You were also very responsive whenever I contacted you for additional changes.  I would be happy to refer your services when asked for a good website development company.

  • Sherry Foster

    From the first time I spoke with 5 pixels I felt confident they were the one to help design my web site for a small business I was starting.  Each time we met or emailed to discuss ideas and make choices for the site, they implemented the decisions we’d made in a very timely manner. 

    They quickly caught my vision, and designed the web pages to reflect it.  I think 5 Pixels did an outstanding job for a reasonable price.  I would recommend them to anyone.

  • Valarie Van Antwerp

    5 Pixels Studio and Victor have earned our confidence and respect. Certainly the end product, the website, was perfect, but more importantly, they made the production process simple and seamless. Victor was always pleasant, went above and beyond when necessary, and followed through completely. In short, 5 Pixels does what they say they will and then exceeds expectations!

  • Steve Bradhurst, Executive Director – Central Nevada Regional Water Authority.

    The Central Nevada Regional Water Authority needed to upgrade its website, including providing Authority staff the ability to update and edit website information.  The Authority requested proposals and selected 5 Pixels Studio.  Victor not only provided the desired services, but he did so on time and per the budget.  The work exceeded expectations, and I would recommend 5 Pixels Studio without hesitation.

  • Bassang Malounov

    5 Pixels Studio has exceed my expectation is terms of customer experience, timeliness, and on-going support. I was previously considering open source platforms to build my site on but I had to revert back to my original idea ... having it custom built. Why? Because I value my readers, I want them to receive information in a way that is not complicated or clogged with unnecessary features, widgets and things like this. 5 Pixels Studio team was instrumental in providing advice, directing, and leveraging their deep knowledge in a web design field.

  • George T. Ochs

    Victor and 5 Pixels Studio are fantastic. Our Organization has worked with Victor for over 14 years and he has always been responsive, helpful, and exceptionally good at all our website issues and problems. The Western Nevada Regional Science & Engineering Fair could not happen without their assistance. I highly recommend 5 Pixels Studio!

  • Cory Johnson

    In my experienced opinion Victor and his team at 5Pixels are absolutely the top website builders in the US. I got exactly the website I wanted at an amazingly low price!

    Victor is extremely easy to work with and he actually listens to what you say. I have worked with other companies and when they finally completed my website it never looked the way I had envisioned. It was like they didn’t hear a word I said.

    Doesn’t it seem like 99.99% of the websites on the internet look the same? Do you know why? Because the builders all use free website building templates. True.

    5Pixels’ websites look different because they are hand built. That’s right, no templates! So your site will be built with love from scratch. Take a look at 5pixels’ portfolio and you will instantly be struck by the visual impact of a 5pixels website vs. the cookie cutter template websites.

    In closing, all I can say is if you want your dream website stop shopping and contact 5Pixels right now!

  • Robin Turner

    We are getting really great feedback on the website.  LOTS AND LOTS of new memberships which is SUPER exciting!

    We are getting really great feedback on the website.  LOTS AND LOTS of new memberships which is SUPER exci
  • David Spokus & Vince Miriello

    Victor and his team at 5 Pixels Studio far exceeded our expectations in designing The quality of design is second to none. They have put us on an equal playing field with our competition. Furthermore, they delivered our site in less time than they estimated. We have and will continue to recommend Victor  and 5 Pixels Studio to our affiliates. In fact we were so impressed that we are currently working with them on another website and several other projects for our company. Excellent Job! A++ 

  • Anita Bowers

    I’ve never met anyone as savvy in web design as you – very impressive. I will recommend 5 Pixels to anyone needing that sort of service.

    I’ve never met anyone as savvy in web design as you – very impressive.
    I will recommend 5 Pixels to anyone needing that sort of serv
  • Larry Udell

    Victor and his team have been amazing professionals to work with over the past few months as Silicon Valley Chapter of the Licensing Executives Society has worked towards an overhaul of its website.  Their work have been thoughtful and creative.  At each request they have  been there ready to offer ideas and walk us through the process with great patience. They have been wonderful to work with I give 5 Pixels Studio my very highest recommendation!

  • Herb Lee

    I've had the pleasure of working with 5 Pixels Studio since 2001.  During these past years they  have done a multitude of tasks that have improved our business. They designed two different websites for us that vastly increased the number of hits we were receiving.  They suggested new marketing approaches that increased our business in niches we hadn't thought of.  5 Pixels created our Newsletter, FYI Kauai, that continues to increase circulation month after month.  And as our webmaster 5 Pixels has always been immediately responsive to our many requests for changes.  They during these past 14 years are the best!

  • Dr. Graham Kent

    Victor and 5 Pixels Studio have been just wonderful.  They were tasked with redoing our website at the lab, which serves as "the" portal for Nevada residents during large earthquakes. So we needed to get it done right, but with style and a bit of flair!  

    Victor worked with us over a period of 6 months, ensuring that we were happy with the final design, and even helped our programmer customize various interfaces such as a Google earthquake viewer.  Thier "easy-to-edit" content pages allow even the novice to update critical parts of our website.  If you have a need for a really nice yet sophisticated website, that is a cut-above-the-rest, please invite 5 Pixels Studio over to your place work and have him design a site that truly works for you! But please... don't wait for an earthquake, come visit:

  • Gayle Johnson

    Gayle Johnson-Circle of Life Community Hospice  
    Victor at 5 Pixels Studio has been a delight to work with.  His insight, patience and research about who we are is captured in the beautiful hand built website he created for us. We have used other web designers before and have been unhappy with the results.  The compliments we now get about our website really shows the quality 5 Pixels is capable of.  We will continue to use them in the future.  I recommend them to anyone that wants a website a cut above the rest. 

    Victor and 5 Pixels Studio have been a delight to work with.  Thier insight, patience and research about who we are is captured in the beautiful hand built website they created for us. We have used other web designers before and have been unhappy with the results.  The compliments we now get about our website really shows the quality 5 Pixels is capable of.  We will continue to use them in the future.  I recommend them to anyone that wants a website a cut above the rest. 

  • Kristina Pfaff

    I worked with Victor (1997-2001) and 5 Pixels Studio (2001-Present) for many years, and have always been incredibly impressed with their skills as both designers and a programmers. They continually incorporate new ideas and techniques into their work, and produce sites that are both functional and beautiful.

    Their dedication and highly developed skill sets are admirable. Anyone with the opportunity to work with Victor and 5 Pixels will be lucky to be able to take advantage of their knowledge and experience, and I highly recommend them for any web design or development needs.

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